What to look for when reading reviews about crib mattresses?

As a parent trying to buy your first best baby mattress, you have probably gone through a hundred crib mattress reviews, trying to figure out what mattress will be best for your baby. It can get a little overwhelming to read through so many reviews, not really knowing what to look for in the reviews.
This post will try to simplify that process for you, giving you vital information on what to specifically look for in a review and how to find information that will aid your buying process and not confuse it.
First of all, you must read through the reviews to see if people are saying that their baby sleeps peacefully on the mattress in question. Remember that a baby sleeps for almost 15 hours in a day in infancy stage. The last thing you want is to buy an uncomfortable mattress where the baby tosses around. In fact, it can’t even toss around to make itself comfortable. The poor things will just begin to cry, making things very difficult for itself and also for you, the already tired parent.
Next, you must try to see if parents are saying if the mattress gave their little baby any rashes on the skin. Most baby crib mattresses are made with super comfortable, food safe materials but there is an off chance that mattresses can still cause allergies. Though allergies can be very subjective, you must ignore mattresses that have received more than one allergy or rash complaint.
You can also look to see what people are saying about how easy the mattress is to clean in the reviews. It should be lightweight. You also want to see if people have posted reviews after about a month or two of usage, to talk about how the mattress is holding up after some use.