What to do when your MacBook’s right click doesn’t work in Windows?

Many users use Windows on their Mac, using Boot Camp. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a 100% synchronous experience as Macs are designed to run on Mac OS, Apple’s native and closed source operating system.

So, if you have Windows installed on your Mac and are facing issues like not being able to make your right click work, you can adopt the following fix to bring it to normalcy.

Go to your control panel in your Mac. Once there, go to Boot Camp applet. There, you will see various settings for how Windows should work on your Mac. In one of those option tabs, you will see settings for mousepad or trackpad. Go into that option and see what the right click is set to do. In most cases when your right click is not working in Windows, the value is probably zero, meaning the pressing of the right click is not meant to take any action.

Change this to right click and save your settings and immediately try to see if your right click is working on Windows. Also, try to restart your Mac to see if the fix continues to work after the restart. If it doesn’t work for whatever reason, you must try updating Boot Camp as there might be a newer version out, one that will fix the issue easily for you.

If you are having any other performance related problems while running Windows on your Mac, you can refer to the following site that talks about various reasons why is my mac running so slow all of a sudden. Though it is primarily designed to give you fixes for a Mac running on Mac OS Sierra, it will offer Windows users valuable tips as well. There is also a section dedicated to MacBook Pro users.