What do you know about Altera

Altera is a company that is owned by Intel. This company makes use of different technology for the manufacture of its products.

The products made by altera are used in different industries and for various purposes including used by design engineers.

Altera makes use of 14nm technology. This is with Intel where the foundry services of Intel produce nodes of 14 nm which help in the FPGA manufacturing. This also has transistor technology which again has its base in the 14 nm tri-gate technology of Intel. STRATIX 10 is based on the process of 14 nm Tri Gate which is based on Intel.

The 28nm Technology by Altera is used in Stratix V FPGA. This allows for speeds of 28Gbit/s for the transreceivers. There are an excess of a million logic elements and this allows for embedded memory of up to 53 Mb. This has DSP blocks variable precision of up to 3680. Thus the devices which have 28nm Stratix V have transreceivers which have 28 gigabits per second speed.

The features of these devices also include embedded hardcopy blocks which have either logic intensive or harden standard applications. This allows for better integration and more density without compromising on the cost or even on the efficiency of the power used. This allows for the core functionality to be changed by partial reconfiguration. These devices allow for power requirements to drop by 200 mW for each channel.

These devices are used for video surveillance, wireless devices, medical equipment, automotive industries – just to name a few of the uses. These devices allow for board space, power and performance to be optimized as well as the cost to be optimized as well. That is why these devices are extremely popular.

In addition to these, Altera also has 40nm technology devices which are created.