Using AEDs are simple

Our site is a well known site for all types of medical equipment we have a large variety of such equipment in our inventories. The store is well known for having various models of aed defibrillator . A very handy type of device that helps in making the functional heart again. The manual on how to operate is very easy to understand.

The AED defibrillators are the small and very handy device that can help you create defibrillation in the body. They are used at every place where there is crowd like airports, schools etc. the sudden cardiac arrest is very common nowadays and it is very important for a common person to know what to be done. The AEDs comes with a pictorial manual. You just have to remember the SCAT
The first thing you need to do is find the area, or in other word Scan the area. Scan properly if the area is safe to be used there. The AEDs uses electricity so make sure that you are not on any conducting material. There should not be any water near by or the patient is not lying on any conducting material. Safety is first.
CPR, every AEDs kit has a manual on how to give CPR. It is very important that the person gets the CPR. The CPR helps the lungs to get the air. AEDs is done then the heart need oxygenated blood so CPR is an important step.
After CPR you have apply the pad. The pads act like the conductors and forms the circuit. There is a manual on how to put the pads. Then you have to turn on the AEDs switch. Some AEDs have two switches one is used for shock giving. Thus, you can understand the used of the AEDs. And how they are so simple to use.