Top level phone security with blackberry encryption

Our devices have become a part of our lives, gone are the days when the phone was just an item for making calls and sending messages, the current generation sees the use of some very sophisticated technology which was just a dream a long time ago, the use of touch screen and nearly enough processing power of a small laptop means that handheld technology has come a long way, also the software has taken a leap with common software on phones which means the user dependability and choice of what phone to buy does not tend to be limited, while the advantages are many, the prospect of security is bleak, phones are prone to viruses and other such malwares and the manufacturers seldom take notice until an incident happens, this can now be avoided with the use of pgp encryption phones.

The use of pgp encrypted provides the user with an unlimited scope of security, provided by phantom secure, these phones can be user phones which have been sent to the company for encryption or the user can directly by a fully encrypted phone from the company where the user can easily state his demands in order to have their phones set up in the exact manner that they wish to have, this combined with the fact that the blackberry enterprise operating system has a very good track record when it comes to security ensures that the phone is not open to any hackers to compromise the information of the user. Upon the fundamental structure of the system, the company adds a more powerful 256 bit encryption key which helps in encrypting the characters to a much higher level; this in turn minimizes any possibility of data and privacy breach to absolute zero.