Top factors to consider when buying investment colored diamonds

If you want to invest in colored diamonds, your main goal should be to look for diamonds that fit within your investment budget. At the same time, you must look for colored diamonds that are known and desired by the market, yet not so special or so rare. This is important to ensure that there will be a ready market for the colored diamonds you are selling. According to Paragon International Wealth Management, although there are, many guidelines on how to buy colored diamonds for investment such as buying GIA certified colored diamonds only, fluorescence, etc.; an investor must consider clarity when buying investment colored diamonds.

In a typical diamond market, it is very difficult to sell a low-clarity diamond. As far as low-clarity colored diamonds are concerned, although these have their clientele and place in the market, they are not the best diamonds to invest in. In most cases, buyers want highly priced color colored diamonds such as pink or blue. Even if a buyer decides to go with low-clarity color colored diamonds, the buyer will want the diamonds to be of a specific size. If the clarity is low but the diamond is of the right size, a buyer will be willing to buy the diamond. But according to Paragon International Toronto, the fact that low-clarity color colored diamonds are difficult to sell should be a red flag for any investor.

In this case, Paragon Wealth Management would recommend that the most commercial and best value is VS2. One thing to note, however, is that it is not easy to find the exact VS2 diamonds. As such, if you are considering lower and mid-range color colored diamonds, make sure that the diamonds do not go below VS2 and not definitely beneath SI1. On the higher end, you must make sure that the diamonds do not go below SI2 or even SI1 because such diamonds are very clean.