Top computer firms and operating system

Around half a century back, a revolution began when people started creating electronic devices that had programs in it as well. Sure, television and radio already existed but something like computer, a device that could perform high level calculations was something that intrigued everyone. There was Sony in Japan that created its own line of devices and there were other top firms around the other parts of the globe as well but when Microsoft and Apple started to revolutionise the computer industry everyone wanted to get a part of it.

Microsoft and Apple that were led by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs respectively were the two biggest names in the computer market during the 1980s. At that time computers started having a personal use and it became a device that could be used in schools, colleges, offices, hospitals and so on. They both had very different layouts. A computer needs to have an operating system. The hardware components can be the same but the defining part about a computer is the operating system that it has. For the most computer systems, Windows is the operating system. It is because Microsoft stroked a deal with IBM that made sure that all the computers they sold had Microsoft software in it.

Windows, IOS, Linux, Ubuntu are all the popular operating systems around the globe at this point of time. The working of every operating system is very different from the other one. For instance, Mining Ethereum, Eth Mining and Ethereum Mining GPU would be differently done if you are using Windows 10 compared to if you are using Ubuntu or Linux. An operating system needs to up to date and you should always prefer using an operating system that is widely popular and easy usable as well too.