The rivalries in the football world

We all know how much people are connected to the world of sports. Even though, we are not playing the game all by ourselves, just cheering our favorite team, celebrating when something great happens, and all those emotions that run through when a team wins a great tournament sort explains the craze for sports all around the globe. Now as we all know there are a lot of sports in the world but there are few sports that are followed all around the globe and are way more famous than any other sport.

Today we are going to talk about the most famous sport on the planet, a sport that is played by the most countries, a sport that has the maximum viewership on the planet, a sport that is a trillion dollar industry; we are talking about the sport of football. A lot of children play football in their growing up age, a lot of people has their favorite teams as well. The games become even more exciting when two rival teams are battling out with each other. If we talk about some famous rivalries in the world of football then the two teams from the English Premier League that are Manchester United and Football Club Chelsea should me mentioned first and foremost.

Another very famous rivalry that is shared by two teams is from the Spanish league, the football club Barcelona and Real Madrid are great rivals as well. People love to play and pitch them against each other in FUN88 and the FUN88 Indonesia which really very cool. The rivalries only add to the excitement of the game. The viewership in the rivalry matches in way too much. As long as it is in good spirit the rivalry isn’t all that bad.