The Origins of Blues and How Blues Music Is Still Relevant Today

Blues is the name given to a form and a genre of music which originated in your African American communities of the “Deep South” of the USA at the close of the 19th century. It consisted of religious amounts, hollas and chants in addition to working tunes and has been characterized by easy rhyming narratives.

The leaders of the new design in the time were members of the initial black creation from the US after slavery was abolished in 1808. Though technically free, it was a very long time before the societal and economic boundaries which occur as a hangover in the slave period were eventually to be corrected.

Because of this the black employees were more often than bad and with no access to education. This was a vital stage in the birth of the blues. Blues musicians would utilize melodies that would seem good on the ear. They were not likely to have had some instruction in western music and thus wouldn’t have understood about key signatures or really any western music concept. From the notation of blues songs it’s often not known whether to blame it to be minor or significant. It’s more practicable to just mention a blues in a blues in C. From its beginning this result in new forms of melody being born, which incorporated elements which have spread into an great variety of cross genres. They worked nicely on the ear and did not need to conform to the fundamental enforced by western musical arrangements and apparatus. Rather blues was creating its fundamentals.

For instance, bluesrevue music often uses a little to significant third, something nearly unheard of in western music up till this stage. This then has spread to rock n roll and surf music in the 60s. Envision that Chuck Berry might not have composed ‘Johnny B Goode’ when it hadn’t have been for this important to minor change.