The game modes of Minecraft

There are four game modes in the open world sandbox game of Minecraft. Creative,Survival, Adventure and Hardcore, these are the four game mode of the game.
In survival mode players have to collect all the materials. The materials are gathered to build their constructions, learn the craft and acquire experience points. In this mode there is a hunger, health, inventory and armor bar, oxygen bar and underwater bar.

In the creative mode the player has to access to all the blocks and infinite amount of resources that are available to infinite amount of almost all blocks and items available. They can collect them or even destroy them. In this stage the players can fly and are invulnerable. They do not have hunger or health or armor and ` and do not have health, armor, or hunger, and can fly. The player has access to spawn eggs that are not available in the survival mode. Using these spawn eggs and command blocks you can look through the creative guide. Hardcore is a modified and difficult level of survival or creative mode.

Once you switch to adventure mode, you cannot break blocks. However, you need to use the correct tool to break the corresponding blocks. To break dirt you cannot choose a pickaxe, but must only use a shovel.

In spectator mode, you are invisible to everything. You cannot see what other players are working on, which is otherwise possible if you left-click on them. In this mode you cannot interact with blocks, inventories and other entities, and your inventory. You can also choose to fly with your head and no body using the third-person mode. You are transparent with a floating head with no body.

The different modes of Minecraft game can be understood and learned by downloading minecraft free. Try the Minecraft for free version online and play to see if it interest you.