Side effects of Hyperbaric treatment

People breathe pure oxygen under hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the highly pressurized environment. This therapy first time has seen in US in 20th century afterwards it is used to treat deep sea divers by undersea medical treatment specialist. Now it has been used for many conditions. It is bit risky procedure.

Side effects of hyperbaric treatment-
– During the hyperbaric treatment , people need to lie on a table inside the enclosed chamber and now breath the oxygen inside the chamber and it will slowly increase. This therapy will finish in 3 minutes at less time or else it will go long as 2 hours before pressure come at the normal level. Because of this high pressure, few people do not feel comfortable inside the chamber.
– People also can get ear pain after or while hyperbaric therapy.
– During the therapy there is a chance of oxygen poisoning. So, you can take a short break and can take normal air breath. This can help to prevent tissue damage while taking the too much oxygen.
– The dose of oxygen which is given in hyperbaric treatment will be different for each and every person. Before taking the dose suggest with the doctors. Because oxygen doses will be given depend upon the age and health. It will help to decrease the risk of complications.
– It is possible of getting side effect after taking the treatment which includes bursting of the middle ear, lungs damage, sinus damage, oxygen poisoning, causing nearsightedness, changes in vision, fluid in the lungs etc.
This treatment is not safe for every people and should not take hyperbaric oxygen therapy if have problems such as lung diseases, lung collapse, fever and cold, any injury in ear etc.

Take precautions
This treatment should be taken only from the specialists to avoid many side effects. Take treatment with the medical institution which have a certificate of the course completion.