Oil Lubricants the slipperiest once

Hello people, do you guys know what a Lubricant is? Basically, it a solution or a liquid (in some cases semi-liquid or gel) that works by reducing the friction between body parts during sexual activities.

They can be used to enhance the sensation or create novelty while performing an intercourse or masturbation. Lack of proper lubrication can be painful and it some cases it might even causes rashes and bristles.

Oil based lubricants were not that famous in market but they were considered as the slipperiest once. These lubricants are made by extracting oil from certain plants and animals. This oil is then processed and combined with certain chemicals like petroleum or Vaseline.

Oil based lubricant can enhance the intercourse experience up to a great extent. The oil will help in making a thin very slippery surface which lets your partner or toy slip-in very easily. The main reason they are not famous is that they cannot be used with latex condoms as oil decrease the quality of the condoms causing them to lose elasticity, thus increasing the risk that the condom will break or slip off. Other than this disadvantage they also possess a risk of blocking skin pores and breeding infections so they are not recommended for anal sex. It is recommended that only men should use oil based lubricants and not women. Also, care should be taken that you don’t use them with latex condoms

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