diy candy dispenser is a handmade, and creative dispenser that depicts the most creative art idea to gift your children. Wengie is an expert who tries new things out of her creative mind. She is a super-crafter who tries on making easy crafts out of the available items in your home.

Here’s what all are needed in making this homemade candy dispenser:
 A nutella jar of 750ml
 Cardboards
 Scissor
 Hot Glue
 Saw Blade Iron
 A small spring of a pen
 Glossy spray paint/primer
 Screwer
 Masking tape
 Exacto Knife
 Candies

Let’s begin with the procedure:
 All you need is 3 cardboards depending on the size of the nutella jar, say, 750ml. If one is using different sizes lid, adjustments need to be made. Roll the cardboard’s edge with masking tape and apply primer to it. Fold the large cardboard into 3 sections leaving one side open.
 Try to be neat while shaping so that candies comes out easily. With screwer, push the cardboard into the small one, and leaving a small portioncut off its back end.Stick with the hot glue, the end part of the screwer, which will then become your dispenser button.
 It’s time for assembling. Using 3 dots of hot glue, put your jar upside down. Insert your screwer piece over the lid and hot glue a small spring right over the markpopping the square cardboard inwards.
 Taking a saw blade iron, melt a hole which is a bit tricky on the bottom of the jar. Lastly, put a logo named “Mentos” sticking it onto the button. You are done. Your Candy dispenser is ready to use. It should be noted that all the steps strictly should be followed under parental supervision.