Methods to Recover deleted files mac

Many of us accidentally delete some data from our device, and this put us in trouble especially if the file is handy. Those who know the recovery process can recover deleted files easily, but some people don’t know the procedure. The problem becomes serious when the user uses a new device, and thus they have to search for methods for file recovery. The problem is seen mainly in the Mac users. Therefore, we are going to tell you the methods to recover deleted files mac . First, check your trash can. If the file is not there, then restoring them via time machine backup. You can also use the recovery programs as well.

Let’s see these methods, in brief, to restore deleted files mac:
Trash can – in the trash can you will see a wastebasket icon. Click on it, and a window will get open. Search for the file to recover files mac in the search box at the right corner in the top of the window. Select the file you want to recover and then click file icon. Click the put back option, and the file will move to its original location.
Time machine- there is an icon of the magnifying glass in the screen’s right corner. On pressing it, a search bar appears. Type time machine and you will see an app. Click on the folder in which your file is contained. On pressing the arrow facing upward, you will see the deleted files. Select the file which you wish to restore and click on the restore button.

Data recovery program- the key to recover files mac is easy via a recovery program. Download data recovery software on another device so that to avoid overwriting of the file you wish to recover. Install the program on your USB drive. Scan the drive which contains the file you have deleted accidentally. A list of files will appear, select the one which is your deleted file.
Follow any of the above procedure to recover files mac.