Maximize your earnings through OddsMonkey

The human being lives in a constant competition with the neighbor. There is not a moment in life when a person is not willing to win the other, whether in sports, work, economics or academics. Always wants to be the best and feel that you could more than the other or other people.

This is how the betting game is born, whose objective is to risk a specific amount of money or material goods in the belief that something has a predictable result. If the winning amount is won, it is recovered increased at the expense of the bet amount of the people who did not succeed in the result.

When two or more people agree to place a bet, they must place the same amount of money or material goods, to be able to say that it is a matched bet.

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The specialties of OddsMokey are the combined bets, but through it, as an additional service, your clients can monitor casino and bingo offers. Among its tools is an EV calculator where the people who use it can calculate if the bingo or casino offer is worth it, thus minimizing the risks when bidding or accepting bets.

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