Interior Glaze, insurmountable secondary glazing service

Interior Glaze is the best company specialized in secondary glazing london, its products are known for their high quality, but also for their aesthetics. The system consists of two pieces of glass and one of plastic, 6.5mm thick, very resistant and difficult to break, with a very thin, almost imperceptible aluminum extrusion that makes all the designs look impeccable and with a very discreet finish.

The secondary double glazing windows can be frames, arched, hinged, guillotine, sliding panels, removable or folding and in the colors specified by the client, all with the potential to adapt perfectly to residential, commercial or heritage environments.

The sound insulation system allows you to enjoy a soundproofing of up to 80%, allowing you to achieve quieter and quieter environments.

For its part, the thermal insulation gives the possibility to keep the rooms cooler during the summer because it repels the heat outside; and warmer during the winter, which also translates into the greater energy efficiency of your heating and significant savings of money.

All Interior glaze secondary glazing windows are designed using very high-quality aluminum, are ideal for acoustic and thermal insulation and are very durable and low maintenance. In addition, they are guaranteed for ten years. On the page you can see the manufacturing details of each of the double glazed windows, such as its aluminum extrusions, its dimensions, and its components, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. If necessary, they also create custom windows.

The best service at the best price, in case of having doubts or special requirements, the client can make his consultations free of charge, filling a form on the website of the factory The team is always ready to advise you on all your requirements and show you the best products for your home windows.