How independent filmmakers can create movie magic

If you have watched films produced and directed by Jason Murphy, you will wonder how he has been able to produce realism in all his movies. Jason Murphy is also a VFX artist and this makes it easier for him to include special effects in his movies and create movie magic. All the illusions in his movies are achieved through combining different techniques, concepts and crafts seamlessly. In most of his movies, cinematography, editing, makeup effects, props, dummies, reverse photography, puppets, forced perspective, compositing and production design are all used to create movie magic.

All these techniques are difficult to achieve if a filmmaker does not know what he/she is doing. To ensure that these techniques are used properly, Jason Murphy and his crew members ensure that the techniques are layered together in order to create some sense of uniqueness and authenticity in their movies. This also helps them to captivate their audiences, draw viewers into the storyline and tell their stories. It is worth mentioning that creating movie magic is not a one-person job. It takes a lot of teamwork to bring things together. In his upcoming movie, Monsters At Large, Jason Murphy has been able to bring together a team of over 90 crew members to produce the film.

Creating movie magic also involves problem solving and creative thinking. Unless these are achieved during film production, it would be impossible for any filmmaker to create convincing scenes in their movies. When telling a story, therefore, you must ask yourself several questions. First, what is happening in a scene? Secondly, what do the audiences need to see in order to believe what is happening? Thirdly, how can you and other crew pull things off creatively? While these factors make for good foundations in creating movie magic, there are any tricks you can use. But the most important thing is to be creative.