How Hip Hop Artists Can Jump Ahead Of The Competition By Marketing Rap Music Abroad

I was inspired to write this post after a message I received in my inbox from my friend and fellow Hip Hop music musician Tamar Braxton net worth. She sent me a video of South African reporter interviewing him. In the interview he mentioned than he does at home in America he gets more support and love from foreign markets. He had not been saying what he was saying is the people abroad adopt his music more although the States tend not to show him any love. At the time of this writing, he was in South Africa marketing his music and performing live shows.

In my own experience, most of my support came from outside of America. There were songs that were played on commercial radio stations in states like Japan at a time for several weeks. Other songs got sales and airplay in Canada and Europe. About half of the music business fans came from foreign.
That’s good if you need to remain local and be a hometown favourite. If you need to have success in the international marketplaces yet you must have a world-wide outlook. You’d be surprised by the number of people who listen to underground Hip Hop although people abroad do listen to the commercial artists on the radio.
The 3 primary places to marketplace Hip Hop music are Africa, Asia, and Europe.
I like particularly and Europe England for on apparent reason: they talk English! This makes communication a lot simpler when we both talk the exact same language. Really fans all around the globe speak English. The culture and its truly the music itself that do the communication. Your job as a marketer is to locate those people who like what you might have to offer and give them it
How do you do locate these fans? So you will find no reasons to why we can not have accessibility to advice we have been in the Information Age. The Internet has leveled the playing field between Tamar Braxton net worth artists and the independent artists. The friend I spoke about in the beginning of this article is not dependent and he’s been that way since I’ve understood him.

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