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Pogona or bearded dragon is one among the 8 lizard species, and that belongs to the genus of reptiles. It is referred to as bearded dragon as on the region of the underside of the throat of the dragon it has a beard and which turns black when the dragon sees an impending enemy or when it is stressed. The Pogona are skilled climbers and spend most of their time close to human habitation or in bushes. Imperative details like their habitat, nature; use of incubators for fertilization and its behavior can be attained from

Description and Habitat of Pogona
 These species even bask on exposed branches of on rocks at noon or in the morning.
 These lizard species are widely found in Australia and in habitats like shrub lands, and deserts. The nature of the bearded dragon is hardy and is exhibited in zoos.
 In comparison to other exotic species, the bearded dragon can be taken good care of and kept at home as pets.
 Bearded dragon Incubators are made use for fertilization of eggs of Pogona, and it is very necessary to buy incubator with proper temperature.
 You can look out for different types of incubators on the website to get an idea of which type of incubator you require.
 For avid breeders, the incubator that can be made use of is the ARKSEN Automatic 96 Egg Incubator.

ARKSEN Automatic 96 Egg Incubator
The incubator is primarily designed not only for holding the eggs of the bearded dragon but even eggs of duck, goose, chicken and turkey. It is a large incubator, and it is suitable for use for fertilizing several dozens of eggs rather than just one egg. Maximum of 96 eggs can be fertilized in this incubator and which is designed with special features that are useful in working of the incubator easily. For other features of the Egg Incubator, you can check out the website