FIFA 15 Best Team Configurations

The Relevance Of Understanding ALL FIFA Configurations

A fundamental knowledge of their strength’s and all foundations and weaknesses must work as the basis of how we carry on through the team building process. We therefore are great at it and can’t depend on having only expertise in the foundations we use.

Motives that people must become astute in every FUT foundations are:

1. Its much more easy to gameplan against your competitors when you understand the theories involved using THEIR foundations.

2. Realizing the strengths of distinct creations permits you alter and to adjust strategies to meet changes on your teams roll, if need be.

3. When building your free fut coins Teams, this will provide you with real flexibility.

4. You are going to finally become a far greater dealer in the Market.

Entire List Of FIFA Supreme Team Configurations


This formation, as is any formation with more or 4 in the backfield, is a powerful defensive formation. Quite helpful for teams and quick forwards that use counterattacks regularly.


Of all the ‘5’ configurations, this one is used least. Another formation that needs a centre that is better than typical forward – mainly since most of play is certainly going to come through the centre. Essentially 2 CM’s forward backs your centre, while he supports the 2 strikers. Develop your team with counter attacking in head when applying this formation.


This is a favorite among many players. That allows for a great deal of assault chances, as this is a defensive formation. You’ll require gifted wing backs that create instant chances for the midfielders to advance the ball through the centre and can easily make space. click here to get more information