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The amount of tar contained in the e-liquid is not as high as it is in the case of conventional cigarette. The tar or the harmful ingredients are lesser in the case of eliquids. At the same time, it is not fully free from the toxic contaminants.

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What is the benefit in using the e-cigarette compared to the conventional smoking?

Conventionally smoking is not a tough task when you have the needful lighter and cigarettes in hand readily available. Smokers love to spend a great deal of time smoking cigarettes in general. Yet, how long you can smoke is one something that is also to be taken into consideration. You cannot smoke for long hours, as the capacity of the lungs is limited.

You have to take time. You have to take breathers. You have to change the activities in between. You have to be moving around. You need exercise. You need fresh air. You need to eat healthy food. There must be lot of activity altogether. It keeps you healthier enough to smoke successively.

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