ClinicNulife Laser, the place of specialists in laser quit smoking

Nulife laser clinic is a clinic that offers services for the healing of addictions to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, through the use of low-intensity laser technology, applied by medical specialists trained in this technique.

When an addict starts a drug addiction rehab, he knows that the first measure is detoxification and also knows how difficult it can be to face the symptoms of withdrawal (anxiety, insomnia, nausea, sweating, etc.). Laser technology is effective during this stage because it induces the release of endorphins, producing a sensation of well-being in the body so that the decrease in drug levels will be easier to cope with.

After overcoming this stage and during the drug addiction rehab period, our specialists will support you either with nutritional supplements, exercise programs and guidance for behavior change that allows you to cope with stress and life’s difficulties without the need to resort to drugs.

This method has been successfully tested in other parts of the world and is authorized by the FDA and the Canadian Department of Health, which is why many of the insurers have begun to cover the costs of laser therapy.

In the laser Nulife clinic, it is also possible to have sessions to laser quit smoking, participate in a weight loss program or attend a stress management program. Additionally, you can attend acupuncture therapy sessions as support for the control of addictions or for any of the other health problems for which this practice of Chinese medicine has been efficient.

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