Are Penis Extenders Comfortable?

Most penis extenders are pretty comfortable. Obviously it will take a week or two to get used to a device lightly tugging at your penis but since you are supposed to wear it while relaxing, you should have no problem wearing one.

About Penis Extenders

However, to maximize comfort you should know there are now two types of penis extenders, and the main difference between them is penis extender comfort. But what discomfort in the first place?

The single thing that determines penis extender comfort

Some penis extenders may cause discomfort during use. The main area where this discomfort can cause problems is at the penis head. This is due to the part of the extender that attaches to the penis head while stretching it forward.
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Comfortable Penis Extenders

If you choose (or already have ) a noose based penis enlargement extender, then comfort can be increased through the use of padding and other foam accessories your device may or may not come with.
Cheap devices usually don’t come with any padding. There are two types of penis extenders and one of them is more comfortable than the other. Let’s take a look.

Noose extenders and comfort strap extenders

If you intend to be on the go while you wear the penis extender, or simply want to maximize penis extender comfort, you should definitely stay away from the old, outdated noose base extenders. The trouble is, 99% of penis extenders on the market use the silicone noose strap and they are all claiming their device is the best.
Some of these penis enlargement extenders offer plenty of foam padding and tubing to make using their noose based penis enlarger more comfortable. Yet why risk pain when there’s a much easier solution?

Comfort Strap

This easier solution is of course the new comfort strap device. The only penis extender with a comfort strap is the brand new upgraded device from SizeGenetics.
SizeGenetics is a team of doctors who have developed a truly remarkable and well researched and tested penis extender. Their brand new device sports a larger padded comfort strap which makes using the penis enlargement extender much easier. The larger rubber strap cuases less strain on your penis head so you can wear the device longer without any breaks. This will give you much faster gains.
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