Appetite Suppressants Are Not good for Permanent Weight Loss

You might have heard of many weight loss programs and specially use of fat loss supplements in weight loss programs. What these supplements are and how they act? Most weight loss supplements are actually appetite suppressants, but not nutritional supplements. Appetite supplements are drugs that suppress your appetite by making your tummy to feel full. Appetite suppressants are often sold in the name of diet pills. They act in your body by triggering hormonal responses that interrupt signals from brain to your stomach for feeling of hungriness. But you are not aware of its potential side-effects. You don’t know that excessive use of diet pills can prove to be fatal.

Use of appetite suppressants for weight loss
Many weight loss programs recommend use of appetite suppressants and weight loss clinics are recommending these drugs to their patients. The instance can be seen in weight loss clinics Houston where appetite depressants are being used as part of their treatment. But the question is how far these appetite suppressants are effective in weight loss? These drugs make your tummy feel full and you can experience short-term weight loss, but not effective for permanent weight loss. Moreover, the side-effects of these drugs due to long term use are more hazardous compared to the offered benefits for short time. The weight loss effects of appetite suppressants like phentermine and diethylpropion are not supported by the outcome of clinical trials. That’s why these drugs have no approval from drug regulatory authorities like FDA. Some brands of diet pills have been banned in The United States and United Kingdom for this reason. Diet pills are not prescription drugs and are sold in the grey market. These drugs are illegally sold on internet stores.
Whyappetite suppressants’ use should be avoided
Pharmaceutical industry has tried several compounds as safe and effective appetite suppressants, but there is no positive outcome of their research and all attempts have failed so far. This concludes that appetite suppressants are not good for weight loss.