Allen Iverson net worth in the recent past

Who is Allen Iverson?
Allen Iverson is a retired American Basketball player who played in the National basketball Academy (NBA) for 14 seasons. He played in both shooting guard and point guard positions. He was 11 times NBA All-Star, even won the All-Star Most Valuable Player award twice in 2001 and 2005.

Allen Iverson’s net worth yearly
Iverson throughout his career has played for several teams including the Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons, Memphes Grizzlies and for most of his career played for Philadelphia 76ers. Despite his impressive career, it has been reported that Allen Iverson net worth is $1 million dollars yearly.
Career earnings
After playing for two seasons in Georgetown Allen, he was noticed by the Philadelphia 76ers and was offered an invitation to play for the team. He started his play in the year 1996 with a salary of $2.2 million. At the end of 2006, when Allen was playing his last season for the 76ers, his salary raised up to 8 times.
While playing for Detroit Pistons, his salary peaked at $20.8 million in the season 2008-2009.It is estimated that by playing basketball, he earned a total of $155 million and some $30-40 million from the endorsements and the advertisements. From all these information, it is quite obvious that Allen Iverson net worth must be above $100 million.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep his money, as he showered all by travelling with 50 people and spent millions of dollars for the family. So while at the end of his career, he started living in debts and taking credits.
Brief earnings in the recent years:
 2013
Sponsorship: $62,500
Asset (pension that will be available in 2021): $1,400,000
Asset (trust fund which will be available in 2030): $32,000,000
 2012
Value of lifetime endorsement with Reebok: $50,000,000
 2010
A 2-year contract signed with the Besiktas, a Turkish basketball team: $4,000,000
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