All that you wanted to know about bundesliga

The bundesliga fussball is the league that has been able to garner a good reputation not only among the fans but also among the players who want to be a part of the league. The main reason behind the popularity of this league is the way the organizers make use of the opportunity to promote football without spending a lot of money and time on the glamour part of the game as is usually done by the other leagues. They have a better understanding of the sport and they make sure that the sentiments of the fans are always their priority.

When did it start?
Bundusliga football started in the year 1963 and since then it has always tried to improve itself by making some or the other changes in its working and format. The champion of the German Football is decided by the match in Bundesliga. Each of the teams have to play one game at home while the other one away from home. Two points are given for win, one point to each team for a draw and zero points for losing. The team that gets the maximum number of points is declared the German Football champion.

How the system works
If a fussball (Soccer) team loses the final they should not get disheartened because they still get to enter the UEFA champions league. In fact, the first three teams get the entry while the fourth team gets to go for the Champion’s league. The teams that are at the bottom are the one that are shifted to 2.Bundesliga and the top two teams of 2. Bundesliga are shifted to 1. Bundesliga. This can be considered as demotion and promotion respectively. This keeps the interest of the fans on and gives hope to the newer teams of the league.