All about the condenser mics that you want to know

The studios and the people who are passionate about music and want to record the best sound in its purest of forms try to get the best microphone for the purpose. But, since there is a flood of microphone brands in the market it becomes difficult for the people to decide upon what to buy and what to leave. One of the most favored type of microphone that is used by the studios is the condenser microphone. The big studios and passionate music lovers have these kinds of microphones in their possession as they believe that it records the best in the world.

What is the work of a condenser in the mic?
The work of a microphone is to convert the acoustic energy that is in the form of sound to electrical energy and the condenser or the capacitor stores this energy in the form of the electrostatic field in itself.
These days the use of the condenser microphones has become easier because now it comes with a built in sound card and USB connection. Earlier the XLR connection made it difficult for them to use it in a home setting. Now all you need to do is connect your best microphone to your computer and record the sound directly to your computer leading to almost no loss of details.
What type of condenser is the best?
When looking for the best condenser mic for your personal use you must look for the following qualities
The diaphragm
The diaphragm should be large. Anything that is more than 20mm is going to get you a good vocal recording and is the best vocal mic.
The frequency response rate
This is important to consider and must be anywhere between 20Hz and 18,000 Hz. This will h=give you the perfect recording at home.