Advantages Of Windshield Car Covers – Winter Driving Tips

Practical Benefits of Windshield Car Covers
IceScreen makes maintaining your windshield ice-free all winter long as easy as can be due to its innovative product design. It’s possible to put on the iceScreen in moments, pull it off much faster and re-use it winter after winter.
These attributes allow it to be simple, quick and even enjoyable to use. It is possible to cut wasted time out of your morning routine whilst doing a better job of producing your windshield ice-free than using a scraper alone.

No More Half-Scraped Windows
When some people can feel that a half-done ice scratching job will reduce it, there are numerous reasons why the crystal clear, ice-free windows iceScreen produces are a much better, cheaper and safer way to push through the winter.
Save on Gas
Running your defroster on full blast every morning consumes a good deal of electricity. The blower engine utilized to push hot air from the radiator components into your defroster port typically runs to a 12V circuit, which drains in your alternator and reduces fuel mileage. Combine this electricity use together with the simple fact that you are probably running seat warmers, the radio and lights, and you may observe the way the windshield cover for snow puts money back into your pocket each morning you push.
Winter Driving Safety
Many morning motorists, particularly those in a rush, are inclined to scrape just enough ice to determine their windshield out. This little small “porthole” through the ice reduces visibility and prevents you from watching half of those other items on the road.
1 bad 15 year old woman in Snohomish, Washington was struck last January by a girl in a pickup truck driving with her windshield still nearly entirely iced. Do not place yourself and others in danger; utilize the iceScreen car window screen to get your own window 100% clear with no additional time for your morning routine.
Prevent Notifications
To prevent the sort of accidents described previously, state and local laws are instituted requiring vehicle owners to totally clear their car of snow and ice hockey before driving on public roads. New Jersey passed this type of law just five years ago.