A peep into the movie “walking dead”

In the walking dead season, there is a lot of things that happened that might not seem real, but the essence of it all is to follow the line in which the story begun. In the movie, time seems to be very slow in their universe, in the sense that between 21 episodes after surviving a virus outbreak, it was observed that the characters escaped to Mexico, and also escaped from Mexico, between that timeframe. The season 3 of the movie began with a former high school staff; Madison and her young daughter Alicia, running away from the safe place they were in Mexico with the husband of Madison. The striking thing about this movie is that, in the apocalypse, nobody can survive alone, there has to be some kind of alliance with some other people or group before survival can be a sure thing. The concept of the movie was built on this, such that the survivor could not have survived without people and resources, resources in terms of water, food, weapons and people. Also, there is this inherent instinct in survivor in the movie that makes them keep the bad things or people out of their midst or environment, that makes them escape or scale through the bad events.

In walking dead, especially season 3, people seem to have various approaches of ensuring that they survive. Settling with people that are ready for the new world that is about to begin is one of the things that they did. One thing some group of characters never anticipated was people rising from the dead, the only thing or event that was anticipated was the apocalypse, the time when they will have to start all over again, having a new state or locality of their own. The season 3 of the movie centers its location at the point where Southern California and Mexico meet, and from the year this season came out, one could not answer the question of how many seasons of walking dead will still be produced.